Sexy as Hello Bios

Sexy as Hello Bios

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Would you rather wear an underwire bra than write your business bio?

Not me. I'd rather ask you questions and learn the rhythm of your speech. Study your target demographic. Think some weird thoughts about words and meaning and your history—and then hand you a 30-second elevator pitch that knocks the doors down of your dream career.

I'll transform your hum-drum bio (the one that screams "normal"!) into a stealthy one-two to the wallet.

How do you stand out from the crowd in the tornado of the internet? It’s simple: Look—and sound—like the killer queen you are! I'll be your Yoda... just without the green ears and the cryptic memes.

What you’ll get out of this shebang:

* a 30-second elevator pitch that kicks down the doors of your dream career.

* a business bio that purrs, "work with me?" while delivering a stealthy one-two punch to the wallet.

If you’re interested… but not quite ready to commit, sign up for my biweekly miracle in your inbox. First thing you’ll get is a gorgeous worksheet on bios that you can spend some time with yourself. If you decide you need help, come hire me. I’m your girl. If not, write your bio and then send it to me so I can share it around like a proud digital mama.

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