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Bios & Elevator pitches for unconventional businesswomen.


Would you rather wear an underwire bra than write your business bio?

I can relate. Time was, the idea of telling someone who I was (and why they should hire me) filled me with the very real fear I might barf on their shoes. Their shiny, expensive shoes.

Truth is, we women aren't taught to value our real worth. To stand up and demand the world notice us. And pay us. 

We were told to wait til we were noticed.

To hope somebody gave us enough time and money to cover our basic needs.

The world has changed. 

Maybe, you haven't.

You need a business bio that shows your potential clients EXACTLY why you're the answer to their problems. That purrs, "work with me?" while delivering a stealthy one-two punch to the wallet.

You need a 30-second elevator pitch that kicks down the doors of your dream career.

And maybe, if you're in the Portland area, you need a one-on-one photoshoot that'll have you glowing on-screen and so confident that you'll never take "no" for an answer again.

Emily McIntyre here.

5 years ago I was a stay-at-home-mom with zero-zilch-nada business prospects.

Now I run multiple companies, negotiate like no man's business, and equip other women to explode their opportunities.

I want to do the same for you.


Girlfriends are saying:

OMG those pictures!!!! Emily they’re amazing!
— Nicole Pizzato, Targeted Literacy Instructor

Emily has helped me pivot online several times. Each time is better than the last. She has a unique ability to see what I’m great at and highlight it for clients.
— Leslie J. Wyatt, writer & content specialist

Wow, Emily what great photos!
— Dee Jeffries, Licensed Massage Therapist
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Frequently Asked Questions...

What (exactly) will your not-so-cheap bio writing service do for me? 
Your new bio and elevator pitch will give you the script to present yourself to potential clients, your disapproving Aunt Peggy, and your condescending ex with such resounding confidence that even the peanut gallery will beg to hire you.

OK, I get that. But... what exactly is an elevator pitch?
Yeah we should abolish that term. Here's a better description: You have 30 seconds to say what you do in such a compelling way that a complete stranger will feel a compulsion to hire you at full $$$. Yeah. That's better. 

And why should I hire you when I can write a paragraph myself? 
1) if you want to give this a try for yourself, sign up for my biweekly miracle in your inbox. The first miracle is this: I'll be gifting you a worksheet to do it on your own, for free. This is about ALL OF US making enough money to afford toilet paper.

2) Not only have I transformed my own career with these skills, but I've been teaching businesses and women just like you how to position themselves for years. I've written entire websites, built reputations out of nothing (we're talking about the limited world of online marketing here. All my clients were legit awesome people before I helped them get the word out. Just saying.), and I have a custom system to extract the patterns and passions you can't see about yourself and package them to sell the heck out of your skillset.

What does working with you look like?
Once we sign our contract (gotta protect BOTH our derriers) and you pay 50% down, you'll fill out a quick demographic form that gives me the basic information on your life. You'll share your CV or resume if you have one, and get me any relevant links such as work you've done, projects you've been a part of, or even websites you adore. I'll also ask you to share your ideal client with me, and any roadblocks you've hit to this point.

Next, we'll have a phone call. I'll ask you questions. I'll be listening to the rhythm of your speech and to what lights you up & gets you ranting. I'm looking for a ca-ching! moment: the 'money spot'. That thing that sets you apart from everybody else. When I find it, that's when I'll lock myself in a room & write, edit, write.

Within a week, I will share with you your new bio and elevator pitch, along with a special checklist for using it that I use myself, nearly every day.

What if I don't like it? And I spent a bunch of money with you, and—oh god, this is terrifying!
It is scary, paying a complete stranger to write about you. (Though, if I'm any good and you've read this far, we aren't total strangers anymore. We're like, getting-to-know-you acquaintances. Right?)

You get up to 2 full rewrites as part of your package. That's more than just about any other writer offers, but I mean it. I pride myself on delivering great work that lights your world on fire. Plus, I hope you'll write me a testimonial! (Let's keep the good vibes going both ways, sister!)

I'm not in Portland, but I want to do the photoshoot with you. Can I fly you out to me?
Not right now. I'm determined to do a fantastic job with Sexy as Hello & not spend time traveling when I could be dreaming up another women's manifesto.